The Summer Project


Summers in Norway are short and precious. The weather is often only medium good, and when it is hot enough, Norwegians more often than not, will let everything fall to the ground, and enjoy summer instead. But most of all, summers are unpredictable, and as we never know what the summer will give, and how to get the most of it, the summer is in a way a project in itself.

Although summer is often enjoyed in private spaces, as is life all through the year, this project is mainly about public spaces. When the wonders of summer suddenly strike, it is as if the nature of the Norwegian personality changes and transforms. Life takes place in public areas to a much higher degree, and also, people seem to be smitten by a playfulness and an energy level of which there are not many traces to be seen for the rest of the year. However, despite the energetic outbursts of life, and the increased interactions with nature, especially water, a tendency towards withdrawal to privacy is also noticeable. However, the balance between the two, the energy and the quiet solitude, the public and the private, seem to shift in a way which is equally surprising every year.

I partly owe the inspiration for this project to Chanel Irvine and her wonderful book An English Summer. Although some of the images which were the beginning of my project,were made before I became aware of Chanel Irvines project and got my own copy of her book, I think the idea of her book was what made me realize that I could regard those first images as the start of a larger series of work, and maybe even make a whole project out of it; A Norwegian Summer or just The Summer Project.

This is a project in progress, it might take many summers yet.